This painting narrates the story of Saree, a refugee from Kabul, Afghanistan. Saree arrived in the United States in 2013 with her ailing mother and two nephews, all of whom she is responsible for at the young age of 23. The forward pose in the painting portrays the confidence and will power she has found, and must continue to find, within herself to push ahead. Before coming to America Saree was in a refugee camp for seven years in Pakistan. At one point, already malnourished and without shelter, the family belongings were destroyed in a flood and they were left with nothing. In the depths of this desperate situation, Saree met a kind and generous man who contributed his time and resources to help her, her mother, and two nephews through the laborious process of applying, and coming to America.Saree and her family have experienced extreme loss due to the catastrophic violence in her country. Her father was killed by the Taliban, because, after losing his eye sight and his job as a government artist, he “allowed” his wife to work for the state, which the Taliban prohibited. To the left of Saree, the painting reads “father," with one letter in the shape of a paint brush to represent that for which he lived, and died. To the right reads “brother”, with three symbols surrounding to represent her three brothers. Tragically, one of her brothers was murdered, along with his pregnant wife and unborn child. The day when they were killed, dozens of their turkeys mysteriously died. The feather in the middle of “brother” symbolizes this great loss. He left behind two children that are now in Saree’s care, here in the states. Another brother was abducted by armed men from their home never to be seen again. Her mother still prays and hopes every day for him to reappear. Below “brother” reads “hope,” a small prayer for his return. Saree’s third brother was in hiding for 10 years because he was afraid the same would happen to him. During this time, he had no contact with his family. He now lives in Kabul with his wife and seven children and faces death each day in order to support his large family. Not only is his life threatened by the extremely dangerous political landscape, but he also receives death threats and abuse almost daily for his family’s “betrayal” of relocating to America.because a common belief in Saree’s home community is that those who have fled to America have betrayed Afghanistan and Islam,Saree, her mother, and nephews pray each day for the safety of her brother and his family. The outer circle of the painting reads “be safe.” The inner circle reads “family Reunited” her one and only wish. Saree and her family have been through an emotionally and economically exhausting relocation process. We are seeking help in any way shape or form to lighten the load for this family but most importantly to gather resources and information necessary to reunite her with her brother and his family here in New Mexico. If you feel like you can contribute in any way please contact Sari at the email below

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Oil Painting on Wood.
Wood Cut Background.


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