This Painting Narrates the personal story of Hope. Hope is a survivor of homeless, Domestic and sexual abuse. Hopes first encounter with sexual abuse was around the age of 5, sadly this traumatic offense has happened multiple times throughout her life, On the grounds she was supposed to feel safe on and multiple instances were perpetrated by both men and women that she was supposed to feel safe with. The symbols at the bottom of the circle to the right and left are renditions of a survivor symbol. It is made up of an unity symbol and our universal infinity sign and a mountain range representing her strength and her unwillingness to collapse under the circumstances she endured. There is also a Tee-pee, which represents a “temporary shelter” . This illustrates Hopes struggle with “home”. By the age of eleven, she was ungrounded, experiencing homelessness on and off and having moved over nine times all over the southwest with her little brother and single mom. They finally settled in Albuquerque, where she began another battle with homelessness in order to protect herself from her mother's abusive boyfriend who tried to sexually assault her. She experienced homelessness in and out of shelters until the age of 19 because of his this. During this time, she continued going to school, volunteering, and working; all while earning a 4.2 gpa in high school. She was also politically active and a key player in passing a bill that gave free tuition to those who were in foster care for over a year. The eagle feathers above her head symbolize the strength wisdom and perseverance she had in order to soar above and beyond to reach her goals. Over the years, Hope has become a leading activist and advocate of many causes, but one that is particularly close to her heart is the NO DAPL movement. She has fought to protect the most vital element for the sustenance of life, water. The rain cloud symbol above her head signifies renewal and change.The rain cloud is a magical symbol to promote good prospects in the future. Hope spotted a herd of Buffalo while protesting at Standing rock. This is represented by the two buffalo within the circle. Like the buffalo are being reintroduced into the land, so is the strength of the indigenous people and our union with the earth. Hope is wearing the blanket of her grandmother and is adorning her great mothers turquoise jewelry. She has always been incredibly close with her grandmother and great grandmother. Hope is a radical queer indigenous feminist identifying with the Diné, Mescalero Apache and Comanche tribes.The ring of arrowheads and rainbow are partial elements of the Dine symbol which Hope belongs to. The arrowheads represent protection, while the rainbow represents harmony and vitality. There are two hogans at the end of each side of the rainbow. This is to represent a permanent home and prosperity, something she has worked very hard against all odds to provide for herself. Hope's name is not not only an intention for the future, but represents her intention in creating hope for herself and others.

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Oil Painting on Wood.


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