This painting narrates the story of Lex. At a young age, Lex’s father whom was mostly absent in her life, left her family because lex’s mother was an alcoholic. From then on, lex and her brother were left in the care of their mother. Though Lex’s mother had her emotional ups and downs and battled alcoholism, She was the center of Lex’s world and they were extremely close. Lex’s mother was a respected and renowned artist. Her mother was a very rich influenced to her and Lex grew up to be very artistically inclined herself. Sadly, her mother passed away when lex was just 20 years old from liver failure. This was devastating to Lex. Her brother also battled with alcoholism as well. While in the process of creating this painting her brother passed away due to his alcoholism as well. Lex was always the rock in her small family, she relentlessly took care of both her mother and her Brother and was there for them even in unbearable times. To symbolize how she cared for her ill family members there is an upward facing triangle that is a symbol for fire(her astrological element) and a smaller symbol inside of the triangle that represents protecting a child. The two raven skulls at the top represent her affinity towards ravens but also symbolize the loss of her brother and mother.Because of these traumatic experiences in Lex’s life she became risk adverse. She doesn’t do drugs or take risks with her life. So much so, that her reservations hold her back from fully experiencing the life she desires. Because she was raised in such tumultuous circumstances, she is overly drawn to security. She is now trying to connect with herself more and has began to take healthy risks because she doesn’t want to live in fear anymore. One way she has begun to break these barriers is by exploring and expressing her creative side more. The moon cycle above her represents this transformation. It also symbolizes the sacred feminine. The arrow indicates that she is moving on with her life and going forward. The three dots on the left represent her mother, her father and her brother. Though they are not physically with her, these three people will always be present within her.

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Oil Painting on Wood.


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